This Week in “Television I Watch” Adornments

If you’re not watching HBO’s critically acclaimed series “The Newsroom” you are neglecting yourself of a good ol’ fashioned politically-fueled, sexually-tensioned, Sorkinly-written drama.

What does that have to do with jewelry?” You ask?

“Because it’s one of the few shows I watch on television.” I reply.

That makes absolutely no sense.” You say?

You’re correct! But it’s my blog and if you don’t like it, go write your own.” I snap.


Okay, for the six of you left reading, here’s what it has to do with jewelry: Um, DUH. It’s worn on the show, and in this past Sunday’s episode, it played a crucial part in one of the lead story lines.



Olivia Munn and necklace by Jennifer Zeuner

The character of Sloan Sabbith (played by the tremendously smart and sexy Olivia Munn) nearly gets canned because of a slew of naughty pictures that found their way on the internet after a breakup. How is it determined that the images are legit and not just her head superimposed on some other ridiculously fit person’s olive skin-colored, thirty-three year old, non-child-bearing naked body? (Sorry. Bitterness came out there.) The answer: her necklace. Sloan’s adornment of choice on and off the air is a simple horizontal gold bar attached to a thin cable-type chain similar to this one designed by Jennifer Zeuner. Jennifer’s version is made of a two-inch bar attached to a delicate rope chain that is adjustable between fifteen and sixteen inches in length. I liked the necklace so much that after the episode was over I asked my husband if he would consider buying it for me, to which he responded by saying something about a camera and poses and whipped cream or some other nonsense. I wasn’t really listening. I just said “sure.”  Keep your fingers crossed I get it! The necklace. Pervs.

In other “television I watch” adornment news…


Cat Deeley looking like a #greeksuperhero in a (potentially) Giuseppe Zanotti cuff

“So You Think You Can Dance” host Cat Deeley sported a fabulous leather (or leather-like – couldn’t really tell from my couch) and gold studded double-strap cuff on Tuesday night’s show. Yes. The two shows I TiVo every week are about as far apart in style as Michael O’Connor and Joel Schecter, and yet both men find themselves on QVC, so I guess everything is connected in some way, shape or form. (Editor’s note: I do not, however, TiVo anything on QVC. No offense, guys.) When tweeted by a fan after the show aired on West Coast time, Cat responded by saying that the cuff was created by shoe (and now jewelry) designer Giuseppe Zanotti. Her tweet was followed up with the hashtag #greeksuperhero which I assume meant that her bracelet made her look like a Greek super hero and not that her designer was a Greek super hero with a name like Giuseppe Zanotti. At least, one could only hope that’s what she meant. In any case, I tweeted asking her to confirm but clearly she was too busy being Cat Deeley, which of course, I completely understood. (I really didn’t. I’m kind of crushed.) After a twenty minute scour of Zanotti’s website, I’m still unable to confirm whether or not that cuff is part of his collection, however I am able to confirm that without Zanotti’s boots, Lady Gaga only stands about five foot three, and that Nicki Minaj is, without a doubt, THE most annoying celebrity in the universe.

That’s all the adornment news I have for today, my loves. Keep thinking jewels until next time!


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