What Can Brown Do For You?

Before the real rush of Christmas begins (no, no… I know you think it has, but just you wait and see) and before we’re bombarded with all things red, green, and cutesy Pandora charm, I thought it would be nice to give one last big shout out to the season that is my personal favorite with a post about the color of warmth, of wood, but most importantly… of chocolate.

According to several sites referencing color psychology, the color brown is “honest, genuine and sincere.” Brown is also said to be “sensual, sensitive and warm, engulfing one in a feeling of calmness and comfort.” To me, brown always signaled a change of season. I knew that when I saw the earthy hue pop up in my favorite boutique or emblazoned across billboards in the form of scarves and boots, it was time to pack up the bathing suits and stock up on the chai. Brown, to me, means that autumn is in full swing, and with that, I bring you my favorite jewels of the season created in a variety of different shades of honesty, sensitivity, sincerity, and sensuality.

For the ears: Brown - Shaun Leane Earrs

One of my most beloved names for a little girl is Aurora.  I’ll admit that it probably stems on some subconscious level from one-too-many nights as a child watching Sleeping Beauty on a second-hand VCR. Nevertheless, the name has perpetually invoked a feeling of newfound positivity in me. After all, “Aurora” stems from Greek and means, very simply, “The Dawn.”

London-based fine jewelry designer Shaun Leane created these 18K yellow gold Champagne quartz and brown diamond interchangeable earrings as part of his Aurora collection of interlocking jewelry. The stud part of the earrings which contain the pear-shaped quartz gemstones can be worn alone or with the diamond dangling accents. They’re contemporary and creative. In other words, this brown does a lot for me. brown - elisedrayrosegoldbrowndiamondsring

For the digits:

The queen of the blogs herself, Cheryl Kremkow, turned me on to the splendid work of French Designer Elise Dray via a Twitter RT back in September. After scrolling through the Elise Dray website and stalking – er – I mean, seeking (stalking/seeking… I always get those two words confused; at least that’s what I’ve convinced my attorneys) her out on Pinterest, I found what I believe to be my number one most coveted ring this fall: her pink gold Jaipur Articulated ring set with brown diamonds and smoky quartz that wraps upward around the finger at a mere 77mm in length. The Good Lawd knows I am all about length, so clearly this piece wins in the “Best Jewelry to Cover Up Unmanicured Nails” category. Raise your glass and your finger for this fine example of a classic autumn hue!

For the wrist:brown - zoechiccobrownleatheranddiamondbrace

If I am reincarnated, I hope to Jupiter my parents name me Zoe Chicco. With a name like that, I’m bound to conquer the world wearing nothing more than a set of stirrups and a smile. Who the hell names their kid “Barbara” these days, anyway? Blech. No wonder I’m prematurely gray. Anyway, Zoe’s got some of the raddest, coolest, most wearable-est (just let it go) adornments out there right now and I am smitten… SMITTEN I TELL YOU… with this badass brown leather and pave diamond eternity bracelet of hers. It’s hip! It means ‘forever’! And it fits with the theme of this blog post so I can almost be finished! GO ZOE CHICCO! CONQUER THAT WORLD, GIRL! AND DO IT IN BROWN! BROWN IS SINCERE AND LOOKS EDIBLE, TOO!

In conclusion, the color brown gets a bad rap, in my eyes. At this time of year, especially, we need to embrace its flavor and engage in its versatility, starting as always (of course)…

…by wearing its jewels.


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