Twenty Fourteen: The Year in PREview

From runway to everyday and all red carpets in between, it’s time we start thinking about the trends that we’ll see in this, The Year of the Horse. Here are just some of what I’m predicting will be the must-haves or must-borrows of the next twelve months. 

Goodbye Emerald, Hello Opal!radiant orchid opal collage

That Big Bad Beryl stone should finally be on its way to the backs of jewelry chests and safes worldwide because let’s face it, it’s had its day in the sun. With Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014 being Radiant Orchid, more and more opal pieces will start popping up everywhere from Pinterest boards to Etsy pages, with Irene Neuwirth leading the pack on red carpets everywhere. Opal has long been a forgotten fashion gem, which baffles me given the gemstone’s colorful characteristics and wearability, so I salute those designers who recognize the versatility of October’s birthstone and who’ve implemented its uniqueness into their works.

Check out these gorgeous pieces by Irene Neuwirth, Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge, Judy Geib, and personal favorite, K. Brunini, all which perfectly compliment a Radiant Orchid backdrop. Time to make O-PAL your NU-PAL in 2014! More cheesy catchphrases coming!

Signs of the Times

While we saw zodiac jewelry sneaking into magazines and showing up on the hands of the glamorous and popular in 2012 and ‘13, it was Valentino’s doubled over gold zodiac necklaces that took our favorite guilty pleasure to the next level, making the look one of this year’s hottest jewelry trends, according to Vogue Paris.

zodiaccollageThere is no blogger happier than I that this trend is upon us in full force. As an Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac, I’ve never been shy when it comes to sharing my feelings about… well… anything –  fashion, politics, men, and other astrological signs (looking at you, Scorpio) – so opening my 1980’s jewelry pouch to pull out my 10K yellow gold Aries Ram middle-finger ring given to me by my high school boyfriend was as easy as reciting the words to Duran Duran’s “Rio” while frosting my hair with Miss Clairol’s “Frost and Glow.”

Designers rocking out some badass astrology looks besides The House of Valentino are the UK’s Solange Azagury-Patridge, Brooke Gregson (who uses the astrological constellations in her designs), and ASHA of New York (all shown in the above collage).

Gold, Straight Up, Hold the Rockschaincollage1

Mr. T should keep an eye on his Twitter account because before this year is over, he might actually start trending. I pity the fool who won’t recognize the significance of the BOLD GOLD chains on the necks of the trendsetters, popping up everywhere from the runways at Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain to the model-ridden streets of South Beach, Miami. We all know just how “back” yellow gold is but for 2014, its size that matters (can I get an “AMEN!”?). Thick braids and ropes, Flavor Flav-clock-sized gold coins, and huge link chains without a faceted gem to be found are making for some interesting and expensive neck wear this year. Will it translate to the red carpet? I believe it will, but not so much at the Oscars. Think Golden Globes or Emmys – the “fun” awards shows – and definitely be on the lookout for versions in gold-plated or bronze for those of us with smaller followings and emptier pockets.

Coveted (affordable category) necklaces for me this year are from the Ben-Amun brand by Isaac Manevitz and from designer Sheila Fajl. However, for something a little (little? Um…) pricier you can try grabbing a vintage Tiffany & Company piece at your local estate jewelry seller or through your favorite online auction house.

Pinning, the Way It’s Meant to Be

I’m no Pinterest pro like my blogger cohorts, but the one board that I look forward to adding pins to is my “A Brooch of Trust” board. I’ve always been fascinated with brooches and pins. Such elegant fashion elements yet such understated pieces of jewelry.  When I think of a brooch I think Jacqueline Kennedy. I think Princess Grace of Monaco and royals both past and present. But I also think of my punk wannabe days when I’d seek them out in thrift stores and don them on my two-dollar fedora that sat atop my colorful wig-of-the-day.pincollage

Thankfully 2014 has its own version of Grace Kelly (no, not Nicole Kidman, and dare I say I think she’ll be dreadful in the role). I speak of none other than the people’s Duchess, Kate Middleton. And Kate has sported some RAD brooches in her time in the spotlight, which I largely attribute to why their popularity has gone from “ahead-of-the-curve” to “skyrocket” over the last two years. It’s also why I believe they’ll be one of the biggest fashion must-haves in Two Zero One Four. Even the gentlemen are getting in on the trend, as you can see by this sterling silver Celtic knot pin pictured. You may also want to check out the tri-colored gold and diamond bow pin by Martin Katz, the gorgeous pear and enamel  “Lily of the Valley” brooch by design house Verdura, the sapphire and diamond feather Stephen Russell pin, and the Sarah Coventry brooch (serving as the backdrop).

I also predict that pearls – specifically white pearls – will make a strong statement on the red carpet this season, but not in a way we’re used to seeing them. In terms of day-to-day fashion, casual, and office wear, expect watches to maintain their mainstream manner only in smaller sizes and brighter colors than the last couple of years. I’d also suggest keeping your eyes peeled for micro-bangles on wrists, anklets being layered in a variety of gold colors and chain widths, and geometric shapes in everything from studs to nose rings, which will be back in the spotlight this year after an almost two-decade absence.

All in all, I think it’s going to be a fun year for jewelry lovers as well as just plain old regular lovers, and I’m excited to see what the designers we all adore have in store for us in the very near future.

Now, somebody get me a martini. Oh, that’s right… I stopped drinking. Somebody get me a psychiatrist.

Until next post…


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