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“What’s on the Brain?” April Edition: Sand, Surf, Sea, and Shore

This week is bookended by two separate trips to the coast, and while I’m not naturally a lover of the sun (WRINKLES! GASP!) or the sand (Who here doesn’t find that you’re picking that stuff out of your crevices for weeks?), living so far inland has given me a new appreciation of trips to and anywhere near a beach.


The interiors of Altier and Polo Jewelers.

The Gold Coast has its share of fabulous everything, I recently learned. From oyster bars to luxury hotels, the stretch of beach from just north of Miami up to Vero has some of the whitest sand and nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, not to mention fabulous (I just snapped my fingers – twice) jewelry stores. Altier in Boca Raton – a major Patek Philippe dealer – is worth the visit simply for the sheer beauty of the interior, and Polo Jewelers in Wellington is smack in the middle of Polo Country, U.S.A., so trust me when I say that the product (and in-store wine bar… {hiccup}) did not disappoint. All of this sand and surf had me on the hunt for interesting oceanic jewels to add to my ever-growing “Under the Sea” Pinterest board, but the handful I’ll be highlighting below are a whole new breed of special. Grab your towel and your SPF 60, ‘cause we’re going for a trip “down the shore”… 

Let’s start in Pittsburgh!


Paula Crevoshay and her piece, “Ocean’s Consciousness”

Whatthewhat? Hear me out… award-winning jewelry artist Paula Crevoshay’s mind-blowing works will be on display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History starting April 13th. Crevoshay, who has created a plethora of aquatic-inspired jewels, is seen here holding her “Ocean’s Consciousness” piece at the museum. The center part of the necklace (which doubles as a brooch) is made from the mineral chrysocolla (a hydrated copper cyclosilicate with the formula Cu2-xAlx(H2-xSi2O5)(OH)4·nH2O (x<1) or (Cu,Al)2H2Si2O5(OH)4·nH2O… as if you didn’t already know) and gives the appearance of the head of an octopus. It’s magnificent. She’s magnificent. It’s wonderful to know that jewelry like this exists and will for a long, long time to come. 

Speaking of Octopodis…


Pieces by SICIS, Sorab & Roshi, Ateliet Minyon, and Shawish

And yes, (looking directly to my editor here,) that is a correct pluralization of octopus since the word is of Greek origin, not Latin. Merriam-Webster verified it. Anyway, speaking of octopuses (also correct!), here’s a treat for your oculi (plural of oculus!): an UH-MAZING 18K gold, Akoya and Tahitian pearl and diamond octopus necklace by Italian luxury brand, SICIS, who recently showed their wares at the BaselWord show in Switzerland. Next up, a diamond, coral, and chrysophrase brooch by Sorab & Roshi because, well, the world just needs more coral and chrysophrase combinations. And how about this 18K rose gold and oxidized silver ring by one of my favorite design houses, Atelier Minyon, eh? It contains .17 carats of diamonds and .49 carats of a variety of different colored sapphires and is real enough to scare your four-year-old away from your jewelry chest. Lastly, I’ve included what may just be the most daring and inspiring piece of jewelry I’ve seen in ages: an 18K pink gold, diamond, and pearl octopus bracelet by Swiss design house Shawish, which is made using technology that allows the bracelet to light up at night from within. No. Freaking. Sh*t. I beg you to visit their website and explore it more. Can you say “BLINGTOPUS?” One of a kind, indeed.

“Fish Are Friends, Not Food”


Fish jewels by Manya & Roumen, Aldo Cipullo, Stephen Webster, and Tiffany & Co.

That one was for the parents (or Pixar lovers) in the room. There are so many lovely fish-themed pieces of jewelry on this planet that it was hard to pick just four. I decided I’d start with a simple, 18K yellow gold and Swiss blue topaz goldfish ring by artists and animal lovers, Manya & Roumen because a.) Manya is a Philly native, b.) She writes children’s books, and c.) I just adore the piece. Next, I included this gorgeous 18K yellow gold, diamond, and rubellite fish brooch by Italian designer (most famous for creating the Cartier “love” bracelet) Aldo Cipullo. It is not a new piece by any stretch, but it’s a piece that caught my eye for obvious reasons. British designer Stephen Webster is known for his Hollywood-loved iconic adornments including his sea-themed items. This Jules Verne 18K white gold and diamond ring is only a sampling of what the designer has created, oceanically. Finally, where would we be without Tiffany & Co., am I right? This angel fish cuff is made in 18K white, rose, and yellow gold and contains diamonds, blue chalcedony, spessartite, blue (and green!) sapphires, and onyx. My head just exploded. Yours? Thought so.

Best of the Rest

The vast, ocean-sized array of sea-themed works are yours for the pinning if you know where to look.


More glorious works by Lydia Courteille, Wendy Yue, Verdura, and Roberto Coin

Designers like the exceptional Lydia Courteille, Wendy Yue, Verdura, and Roberto Coin have taken us on an underwater journey like no jewelry artisans have before. But it doesn’t stop with those four; Roberto Bravo,


Roberto Bravo, David Webb, Michelle Della Valle, and Sevan Bicakci ocean-themed jewels

David Webb, Michelle Della Valle, and Sevan Bicakci have breathed new life into the term “sea life” with pieces that would turn even the most die-hard land-lover into a Jacques Cousteau wannabe. This is jewelry at both its most creative and most joy inducing. Wearing any of this lot would transport my spirit to the Florida coast where it previously had found peace by simply listening to the water roll in as it sipped Sauvignon Blanc by a broken-down pier.

My spirit is looking forward to being there again. As is my soul, my mind, and my body.

Until then, at least I have my jewels…


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