Calling All Jewelry Industry Ladies!

I need your help…

I’m compiling a list of the jewelry industry’s best-dressed/most handsome gents, and your opinions will be what makes it happen.

Twelve gents from our industry will be featured in an upcoming post on Adornmentality.com. Whose ties always strike your fancy? Whose face makes you blush when he shows up at your store? This is about having some fun but also about anonymity, so feel free to send a private tweet, Facebook message, or email with your choice, a picture, and maybe even why you think what you do, and it will be included in the running.

The choices will be made by October 31st, so get to me soon, and share this post!


13 thoughts on “Calling All Jewelry Industry Ladies!

  1. thejewelvox says:

    “a tie that strikes your fancy…” Well, Terry Chandler of course. Always dapper and best of all… totally in love with his wife. The most amazing quailtiy of all!

    …and even though i don’t remember his name, there’s a lovely armenian jeweler in LA. (yeah, that narrows it down, now doesn’t it?) I love the way he says my name when he sees me… Mac. Inn. Tosh. Carefully holding each syllable in his mouth. Must be heard to be fully appreciated. But oh so memorable….

    Lee Wiser McIntosh *KATURA* Design mobile: 404-455-8989 http://www.katuradesign.com

  2. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them in person, but it seems to me that the Bernheim brothers, Pierre and Elie (of 88 Rue du Rhone) look pretty snazzy in every photo I’ve ever seen.

  3. Mike Asscher is not only the best dressed, and the handsome man in industry, he is also the best friend you could ask
    for. Go Mike.
    PS: he always looks like he just stepped out of GQ magazine

  4. If we are including store owners, I have to go with a true southern gentleman, Lucian Lee. As far as reps, Randy McKenzie wears the best smile 110% of the time and the matching personality, which is the best accessory, and David Zar is always dapper.

  5. Ohhh the choices, so many! Terry Chandler with his signature bow-tie! Lecil Henderson always looking dapper! Last but certainly not least…. I may have to say Craig Danforth from GIA is my first choice! He owns the most stunning collection of cuff-links! Craig is always looking so fine from head to toe! He’s my choice for the best looking gent in the industry! Not to mention one of the nicest gents as well.

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